The Secretary

May 16, 2019

Just a brief intro about Cale Schultz, The “Secretary” of 87eleven Action Design and now the host of the 87eleven Stunt Stories Podcast.

Chad Stahelski

May 17, 2019

Coming from a small town in Massachusetts, kicking and punching his way to the top of the stunt performer food chain, Chad Stahelski is now one of the most sought after action movie directors in the business.  He shares a great deal about how he got into the movie business, his perspective on creating films, the John Wick Franchise that put 87eleven on the map, and what the future might hold for himself and 87eleven.

Jackson "The Spider" Spidell

May 20, 2019

Jackson Spidell is one of the most sought after stunt doubles in the industry.  He’s doubled a number of A-List actors in huge blockbusters such as Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool 2.  He has been Keanu Reeves double for the entire John Wick Trilogy.  Hear how he went from small town Michigan boy to top of the stunt performer food chain in this week’s 87eleven Podcast episode.

Heidi Moneymaker

May 27, 2019

Heidi Moneymaker is at the top of her game and the stunt world.  She’s not just good for a girl, she’s just damn good!  Listen in for some in depth info about her younger life, intro to stunt work, and where she is now.

Jonathan "Jojo" Eusebio

Jun 3, 2019

One of the 87eleven Originals, Jonathan “Jojo” Eusebio went from MMA/Crime lab investigator to one of the top of the fight choreographers in the business. In this week’s Episode, Jojo tells us about his early beginnings and where he’s going from here, along with some very in depth talk on John Wick and John Wick 3 training.

Jon "JV" Valera

Jun 11, 2019

Jon Valera is another 87eleven Original, forged in the fires of open martial arts competition who luckily for us (and for action fans around the world), found his way into the movie business.  You’ve probably seen his face in many of your favorite action movies, but if not, you’ve undoubtedly seen his work as a fight choreographer.  “JV” talks about his early years, the business, and all things John Wick in this week’s episode.

Ralf Koch

Jun 17, 2019

According to one of the 87eleven Founders, Ralf is a weird size and kind of weird looking, but that didn’t stop him from establishing a highly successful career in the Film Industry.  Not only is he an established performer but also a very knowledgable stunt rigger and coordinator.  You’ve definitely seen his work in front of the camera in the Hunger Games series and many of the latest Marvel movies.  Ralf sits down with us and shares some great stories and advice.